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    Directly import into Premiere using CEP extension


      Extremely new to CEP extension development here. We have a web server with several media files. The goal is to create a CEP extension for Premiere Pro that allows users to access the files on this server and directly import them into their project.


      I have seen a few other extensions that can do this already, but am very confused as to how it's actually done. I don't see how it's possible with Javascript to seamlessly download a file, without any sort of prompt as to where to save it, and then have Premiere automatically import it.


      Here's an example that does exactly what I'm describing:


      I've peeked at the source code of the above example, but there are 83,000 lines of Javascript to sift through.


      I'm not looking for a complete tutorial on how to do it, just a general direction to look in. Is there some sort of Premiere API that handles this? Is there really a way to do this with Javascript alone? Any sort of guidance is greatly appreciated.