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    Premier Elements 14 freezes ???


      I recently bought P.shop Elements 14/Premier Elements 14.


      I have an ongoing problem with Organizer. Whilst on installing, it correctly captured all my folders from my previous Photoshop version - it will not function without freezing.


      Either it refuses to open any of my folders, or if it does - the open folder itself freezes.


      In addition I can only exit the Organiser programme by using Force Quit.


      Despite several uninstall and reinstall efforts the same problems still remain


      Any suggestions please ?



      OS X El Capitan




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Because of the nature of your question, I would encourage you to re-post your question in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum to take advantage of the specialized expertise there, pointing to the Elements Organizer.


          While your opportunity for Adobe support exists for this new version, also consider contacting online Adobe Chat who might be expected to have insider information on the ongoing issues of Premiere Elements Mac and El Capitan.


          I am strictly an Elements Windows user who tries to find common ground between Windows and Mac versions in troubleshooting.

          (a) My first line of troubleshooting would be addressed to the properties and numbers of the files involved in this Elements Organizer 14 issue. Are these photos and videos or one or the other?

          (b) Next, from what you wrote, you are working from a converted Elements Organizer catalog. For troubleshooting purposes, what happens if you create a new catalog in Elements Organizer 14, with new files at first and later with the files used in the problem situation?


          There seems to be two camps - one, Premiere Elements Mac on El Capitan, works fine or me and the other, Premiere Elements Mac on El Capitan - problems.


          Please consider.



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            downatheel Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.


            Have posted to correct forum now !


            Will look at the points you made, and also try creating new catalogue and then adding to it.


            The problem only involves photos - no videos in album.


            Thanks again.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up.


              You will get excellent input from the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum on your question.


              I will be watching for your progress.


              Best wishes