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    Premiere Pro 2015.1 broken features with Node + others

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      Both of these features are broken on OSX 10.10.x and Windows 7 for Premiere Pro 2015.1

      Seems that the 2015.1 release has broken some functionality that we're pretty dependent on for developing and once you lose these cool features, it makes you realize how dependent you were on them!


      It appears that Adobe's broken(probably removed, it doesn't look like it exists anymore) the fs.watch functionality from Node, which I'm using for a constantly generating build system for the extensions. If I make changes to any of the files, it can watch the files and reload the application + debugger simultaneously. This is an extreme time saver for us because it takes out the process of reloading stuff while you're making changes.


      Another thing that Adobe extensions appear to be breaking is Chrome's debugger(Chrome is up to date). When running in full-screen (and only when debugging an Adobe extension), if you fill a page up, scrolling is broken. I'm attaching a screenshot below and as you can see, I flood the window, but scrolling is disabled. Using the debugger for anything other than an Adobe extension works just fine.


      These were both things that were working in 2014 and 2015.0, but no longer work in 2015.1


      After doing a bit more research, it appears others are having this issue as well: Moving to a more recent version of WebKit/Chrome · Issue #28 · Adobe-CEP/CEP-Resources · GitHub


      See the last comment there from Jolg42. I have, however, attempted doing this but was unsuccessful.




      And another thing that seems to be broken is running app.project.path on Windows(not OSX) returns a nasty filepath. I don't remember it doing this in other versions, either, but don't want to say specifically. This is the path that it returns that's nasty:
      It returns this in both Extendscript Toolkit and in normal extension code.

      Result: \\?\S:\Premiere\projects\devproject\test\assets\premiere\Templating\Untitled_1.prproj

      I put a temporary fix into the extension by stripping those characters, but they shouldn't be there in the first place.

      Here's that fix if anyone needs it:

          getProjectPath : function() {
              // On Windows, Adobe is returning this: \\?\S:\
              projectPath = app.project.path
              projectPath = projectPath.replace("\\\\?\\", "")
              // Fixing slashes to point forward
              projectPath = projectPath.replace(/\\/g, '/')
              return projectPath

      The node issues seem to be part of a bigger issue(maybe the main implementation of extensions into Adobe, I haven't had the time to test in the other Adobe apps), so I'm not sure if lesavage or Hallgrimur Bjornsson might be able to weigh in on these.

      Thanks for taking the time to read!

      Update 1: HTML Panel Tips #19: CC2015.1 (CEP6.1) Node.js Fixes | Photoshop, etc.
      Haven't gotten everything working yet and Bruce, in that thread, you mention that developers in the pre-release program were notified ahead of time - that may be great and all, but that doesn't really help those of us that aren't in (and do not have time to be in) the pre-release group. Is it possible to iterate to the people that manage the changes how pertinent it is that this sort of information have an official release? At this point, fixes are PURELY word of mouth, and this really kills dev cycles.

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