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    Problems/Anomalies with Backup in Adobe BC


      I go to Apps/Backups, in the Settings tab specify Your Local Drive, then in the Backups tab I check all four boxes and start the backup. I experience the following behaviors, some of which are anomalous:


      1. I receive the message: ALERT: Please do not leave this page until backup is complete. This may take several minutes or longer, depending on your site's data needs. It is perfectly understandable and works as designed, but incredibly annoying that I cannot do anything else while the backup runs.


      2. If I leave my computer -- the backup is very time-consuming, on the order of an hour and a half -- and forget to monitor, then the computer times out and I have to log back in, only to discover that the backup is frozen. So I have a double whammy -- not only can I do nothing else in Adobe BC during the backup, I have to babysit the backup. What a waste of time.


      3. I experience similar freezes (more intermittent -- possibly related to internal timeouts at the BC site) when my internet access occasionally hiccups.


      4. Assuming I make it all the way to the end, a zip file is created and placed in the list of backups. Yay! But it has not been downloaded to my computer's local drive, or if it has I cannot find it.


      5. Further, the zip file is not highlighted as a downloadable file, so I cannot download it by clicking on it.


      6. The solution appears to be to change my setting from "Your Local Computer" to "Website" and let the backup run. Then when it appears in the list it should be highlighted so that I can click to download as a separate step. I have successfully done that with smaller files. But I haven't yet tested this hypothesis for reasons #1-3 above. Once I do, I'll report on the results here.


      The reason for the long backup time is that I have many audio files and the zip file is more than 1000MB. Any tips or comments on backup are welcome here, and if this is all as-designed, I certainly would hope that someone has made a feature request for a fully-background backup process that could run overnight on the server and then download at my convenience as a separate step via direct download, dropbox or other mechanism. There's no excuse for forcing a user to sit around while a backup is underway.

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          Mihai Stoichitescu Adobe Employee

          Hello Bruce,


          First of all, please do point these type of things to the developer of the BC App that you are using. As this is not an Adobe BusinessCatalyst built app and it's from a 3rd party.

          Second, it's possible to open a new tab in your browser and continue your work, but keep in mind, any changes you do, won't be backed up...depending how the app works.

          Thanks for using BC


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            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You also already have this thread:

            Why does "backup to your local drive" not?

            There is no need to make multiple posts on the same topic. You know have an MVP and member of Adobe staff informing you to contact the developer. As I said in another thread this is an App, not part of BC and a link was provided to you to show that and lead you to contact the developer/App store for help.


            People helping you here, take the advice, it is accurate.

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              brucebalentine Level 1

              OK, thanks for the insulting reply. My posting in "Newbie Corner" clearly indicates that I'm new to BC, and I posted both posts in quick succession (focused on my problem, and not on Adobe Forum protocols) without yet having received any reply. I resent being scolded that "people [are] helping you here, take the advice, it is accurate," when in my opinion I was attempting to describe the problem clearly, and took the trouble of providing specific symptoms.


              But I get it now. The Backup is indeed an "app" from the store and I must go there for support. I won't trouble you again here, as I am clearly not worthy of your attention. I apologize for taking your time, and I won't post in this forum again.

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                Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I am sorry you feel that way but that was far far from what your saying. The times were not right after each other.

                Please feel free to post questions and help because people like me will be happy to help, but just please keep in mind that is what we are doing, so if someone with experience say's x/y/z please take that advice. Based on your comments look what you replied to me, you did exactly what you are accusing me of, you threw my advice back at me initially.

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                  brucebalentine Level 1

                  Thank you for the additional scolding -- I'll find an alternative to Adobe, thanks.