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    no success

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      no success in using adobe products downloads take a long time in addition to the product/ software is from difficult to impossible to use or download updates take a long time and then, the program I try is not something I can use ... I cannot download adobe cloud I get booted off of the system ... is the site busy??  some other root cause why this does not work??

      I do not want to use the forum to complain but I beg adobe please debug the software most of the time my system crashes when I use adobe software ... if I ever find answers I will show them in forum ... for now I would like an adobe update of some kind to resolve these (plural) issues??   This impact  is to Photoshop Lightroom  in every version I have tried adobe after effects ... adobe Photoshop Premier Pro and other adobe software(s) ... screens are demonstrated too dark to have a readable screen ... basically I call into question the readability ... so dark here??


      Please, any helpful points??