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    Why does the "unlock all" command now unlock all of my layers instead of just unlocking the locked objects on a selected layer?


      I'm on a mac using Illustrator CC 2015 (19.2.0). Since the latest update, the command for locking an object (if there is only one object on a layer) now simply locks that layer, instead of the object. I don't want to lock the whole layer, just the object. 


      Similarly, "unlocking all" now just unlocks ALL of the layers, instead of just the locked items on a selected layer. This happens whether or not I am using the quick-key command, or selecting the command from the menu.


      This is annoying because I simply want to unlock one "locked" item on a layer, not unlock every layer in my document. Every time I want to unlock something, I have to go back and re-lock every other layer, and for complex diagrams that could be dozens of layers with nested layers!  Is this a bug, or a new "feature"?


      Note: this does not apply to older documents that were created/saved before the latest update, but applies to every new document I create, even after trashing my preferences.