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    InDesign 5.5 Mac OSX 10.9.5 Spinning BeachBall of death immediately following startup


      Hello. I purchased Adobe Creative Suite several years ago, but didn't use InDesign at the time because I didn't need it for what I was doing. Fast forward, now I own a MacBookPro Dual Core Processor at 2.9 GHz running 8 MB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. I have occasion to use InDesign now as I have to create interactive documents for students. This version of InDesign worked on my previous computer, which unfortunately met its maker a year ago.

      The software hangs immediately after loading. I try to create a new document, and the pop-up menu comes up to ask what kind of document. I hit OK...and then I get to watch the program spin a beach ball for hours on end.

      I have already done the following:

      1. Checked to make sure I have the latest version of the InDesign 5.5 software.

      2. Ran Font Book and looked for corrupted or conflicting Font files (and fixed all problems)

      3. Ran Extensions Manager to ensure that I am only running Adobe Extensions. Ditto on Plug-Ins.


      Here are my reports: