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    Lightroom 6 Moving Catalogs




      Currently I have all images and LR catalog on an external HD. I'd like to move images and LR cat to a new (larger) external HD.

      Is it best to do this within LR or drag and drop to new external HD?

      If I were to drag and drop I just need to "relocate" files when I open LR...


      Thanks so much

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          Pattie-F Level 7

          I have moved this to the Photoshop Lightroom user forum so the experts there can assist you.

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            dj_paige Level 9

            You can move the catalog file using your operating system. When the move is finished, double-click on the catalog file to open it.


            To move the images, these are the steps:

            1. In your operating system, COPY (not MOVE) the photos to the new HD
            2. In Lightroom, right-click on the top level folder and select Update Folder Location, point Lightroom to the new HD. More details, plus pictures, are here (scroll down to the section entitled Updating Folder Location)
            3. When you are 100% sure you have done the above steps properly and the Lightroom catalog is working as it should, using your operating system delete the photos from the original external HD.