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    Flex display problem with firefox !

      I am getting a wierd problem when running my flex app in firefox, however it does work fine in IE.
      Can you please find out the reason to why this kind of dissimilarity happen.

      Here is my mxml code which displays an orange area on the screen.
      According to the width specified in mxml the width should be 674 pixels but for some reasons it is displaying the widh more than
      900 pixels, I can see the actual width in gradient but am not able to get rid of the background orange.

      This does happen when there is already a browser open (IE or mozilla). When all the browsers are closed and
      if we run the app from flex ide, it opens perfectly in firefox. As soon as I open a new instance of the application
      the problem arises again.
      In IE it is working perfectly fine.

      Pl. help me to find the solution of such a strange problem.