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    Editing existing doc - adding text.


      When I paste in text (ie: #526...) it is highlighted and if I type anything after pasting it deletes what has been pasted.  How can I just paste and then continue typing, without having to hit the -> key?


      I'm having to enter a bunch of numbers - #526390, #526789, #526330, #526999...etc etc etc...


      Whenever I paste in the #526 (as it's redundant) it's greyed by Acrobat and when I type in the last three digits it deletes the #526, unless I hit the -> key on the keyboard.


      I didn't have this problem last week...


      Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thank you!



      Acrobat Pro XI

      Macbook Pro - OS 10.11.1 (El Capitan)