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    Is it possible to make global changes to multiple tables in InDesign?


      I have an InDesign file that contains just over 2000 individual tables (The results of a massive survey).  The document was imported from Word, and about 99% of the tables have the same framework and size (4 rows, 8 columns).   I need to delete the first two rows from each table, and then change all of the cell strokes to be consistent throughout.  (Ideally, I would also like to make the first column wider, but am picking my battles at this point).  If there were only a few dozen or so it would be a snap - I would just do them individually - but with 2000+ I would really like to find a way to do this globally.  I believe that scripts could do this, but have no idea where to even start (I looked at samples of scripts and was completely lost).  Any ideas, thought, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.