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    Moving red record border when hit record button

      I've just installed Captivate 4.0 and when I hit the red record button, the red record border instantly follows each mouse movement, and doesn't stay attached to the application window border. Its like a moving telescopic site on a stationary target and makes recording a fixed area impossible.

      I have no idea why it is doing this except for the fact that I left Captivate 3.0 on my machine when installing 4.0 and maybe there's some incompatibility as a result.

      Open to suggestions as to what's up!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, driverdesign

          When you prepare to record, before you click the red record button you are able to choose settings that govern the way the recording occurs. If you click the camera icon you see a flyout dialog allowing you to choose some settings.

          My guess is that you are using one of the new panning options. So you probably need to do the process over, but click the camera icon this time around and choose "No Panning" for the recording option.

          Cheers... Rick