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    crazy things happen out side the face background when use exaggerated face tilt strength

    ahmedk65701122 Level 1


      i have a character over here i use for live show

      when the actor tilt too much the things out side the face background start to act weird here is a photo when i tilt my head and click G

      i centered every thing in the screen center in illustrator

      i use bomb layer to go in and out in live

      i use face tilt strength to 250

      in side the face every thing go normal but i have to use bomb out side the face so i can use notbird for hide the bird when i want

      if i use the bomb in side the face background just like the rest of extra layer i cant click G+N
      that i use to in and out

      when i use face tilt strength to 100 things go to almost normal


      here is the photo


      thanks ^_^

      crazy 2.jpg