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    Recording Simulations

    Vicki Lyn
      I am new to using Captivate and have spent way too much time trying to figure out what I have done wrong, so I am hoping you all are a friendly group and will help out a newbie. Thanks in advance!

      I have created an application demonstration in a custom screen of 720 x 540 resolution in Captivate 4.0 with relative ease. My next task was to try to create a simulation that has some demo and some training simulation. I changed the default preference mode of custom to include show mouse location and some of the other options since I have a smaller screen and need to scroll to get to other parts of the window. I then recorded. When I preview the file, it shows the movement of the screen based on the mouse movement of the scroll bar, but when it is time for the mouse click of a selected field, the screen shot returns to before the scroll took place.

      Again, any guidance in the right direction is appreciated.