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    Corrupted catalogs in LR CC and OSX (El Capitan?)

    alessandroavenali Level 1

      Well it's not the first time I got a catalog corrupted, but it's being more and more frequent recently, since I switched from Windows to OSX (El Capitan). Not a great choice, but I was forced to do that because I'm on travel and I bought a McBook Pro to travel light. But please, don't let this discussion become a Mac vs PC one.

      I'd say, by the way, that the 90% of the curruptions have been generated under OSX. The system (and the way LR dialogs with it) seems to be very sensitive about disk stops, system stand-by's, unejected devices and so on.

      So let me share with you this last experience I had.

      I let LR export a couple of thousand photos overnight, while I asked it to generate the standard previews of the same files. The export reason was to send the previews to my client before I started working on the whole project (on a MacBook Pro 13" these are very slow processes and they need to be done obviously when you don't use the machine.

      The options about stand-by, disk stops and power management are all OFF and the power cable is connected. The catalog and the photos are stored on an external USB drive.

      This morning I found LR frozen, the export correctly done and this odd situation: an exact duplicate of the catalog and the photos???


      Screenshot 2015-12-10 09.33.30.png

      And there is no way to open the catalog. LR says: "cannot be opened because another application already has it opened".

      By the time I am writing this post, the second copy of the project just disappeared, but the error keeps being triggered.

      The only way I am able to open the catalog is by moving it to a different folder. But the OS doesn't let me copy the previews, no matter which empty folder I choose as destination, stating that the file already exists there (the overwrite option doesn't work, even if the destination file to be overwritten never existed).

      It looks like more of a n OSX problem honestly (only El Capitan?), but I thought you might be interested in this.