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    Air cannot access USB Drive on OS X

      I am having a problem seeing a connected USB thumb drive in the fileSystemTree under OS X. I can see the drive when i run the app under Linux or Windows, however i just cannot find the connected drive in OS X. anybody have any suggestions, or workarounds?
        • 1. Air cannot access USB Drive on OS X
          n8stowell Level 1
          ok so i found a work around for this issue. apparently in OS X you can't see all the drives mounted when using air by default. to get around this i just created a new file and resolved the path to "file:///Volumes/" this takes you to the "volumes" folder to which you can access all mounted drives on your system. if you are using a filesystemtree, as i was, you can then set the "directory" property to this newly created file. now you will see all your mounted drives (usb storage drives included) in your filesystemtree!