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    Adobe will soon be disabling their Flash Player standalone installer download page

    wibble98765 Level 1

      Is this how Adobe helps Flash users to keep up to date?  It is forcing home users with multiple machines (and/or browser platforms) to go through the tedious Adobe Downloader process on each one of them. But no money in freeware, right? And it increases the chance of undesirable bloatware coming along for the ride if we forget to uncheck those boxes before downloading the downloader.


      If the automatic updater was effective in ensuring prompt updating of Flash when a new security update becomes available, it wouldn't matter but the automatic updater sometimes takes several days leaving users vulnerable to Flash exploits for an unconscionable time.


      Adobe high-ups are clearly not in touch with reality.  Flash is NOT freeware.  Flash is the necessary means of viewing the content of providers who have paid Adobe handsomely for its Flash authoring tools.  No Flash player, no need for Adobe Flash authoring tools.