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    Have lightrm 5.7 purchased from adobe in 2013 are their any upgrades available?

    redfordl2012 Level 1

      I wanted to upgrade to version 6.0,but it says no upgrade available.. Have the bugs been vanquished from 6.0. I do have the photograpy plan from your co which entitles me to pscc2015  and also lrm cc.  If I do download lrm cc will it interfere with the present lrm 5.7 that I have installed. Or what are the installation procedures for lrm cc and will the present catalogues present in lrm 5.7 be automatically transferred to lrm cc. I>m afraid of loosing my images and folder listings that I have set up in lrm 5.7. what protection procedures should I follow.Backup etc. Thanks!!