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    InDesign won't export PDF - problem with embedded and RGB images


      I've seen other posts similar to mine, but with different circumstances.  None of the solutions have worked for me.


      I'm working with an InDesign document that worked fine up until I upgraded to CC 2015. Now I can't export PDFs except under very specific circumstances.  The error message I get is the vague "Failed to Export the PDF file."  When this first happened, I began tearing the document down, page by page, then element by element.  It seemed like it was having problems with embedded images.  So, I replaced all the embedded images with linked ones.  Then it worked and I was able to generate a PDF.  I came back to the document to make changes and re-export only to find I was getting the same error.  I tore it down again and found it was having trouble with RGB images, so I converted them all to CMYK.  Then it worked and I was able to generate a PDF. 


      In a few days I will be editing a 400-page document and then exporting a PDF for press.  It has numerous RGB images in it (and probably some embedded ones too).  I thought part of the purpose of exporting to PDF is the process converts RGB images to CMYK.  I've never had this problem before until the 2015 update. Anyone know of any fixes to this?