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    Batch Remove File Extension


      Hello. I am trying to send 120 images to a book in Lightroom. I need the file names, but not the extensions. I just renamed all 120 files between last night and this morning, but only just now realized I didn't need to add the file extension to the name (they all say .jpg, .tif now.) Is there a way to batch remove the extensions so when I upload them to the book module it just shows the names? (Or do I have to manually rename each one again?!) Thank you!

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why? Are you wanting to show the filenames, without extensions, in the book?




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            MissM2 Level 1

            Hi John, thank you for the response.


            Yes, I would like to show the filenames in the book--without the extensions (renaming in the Book module is painful.) I'm using the books for marketing and similar uses where they would need to be removed. Sounds like I'll have to work around them when possible.


            Thank you.