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    Flowing separate articles on left respectively right side of page spread

    Perelms Level 1

      I have imported a Word document into a double page spread.

      I am using Indesign CC version 2015:2


      I need to disconnect the text between every chapter( 16 chapters). Ie create separate articles out of each chapter. Then I need to have some chapters running straight down on the left side and some chapters running straight down on the right side. Also some chapters running normal. Unused pages will be used for illustrations etc.


      First of all I haven't been able to disconnect all the text connections. I have been able to cut the text from one chapter and paste it into a vertical line of pages on the left side and then reconnecting those text frames to each other. As soon as I do the same thing, with another chapter on empty pages on the right side, the pages on the left side starts getting rearranged. Very frustrating since my work gets totally disorganized. I don't want any automation here. I have on the pages menu disabled allow pages and frames to move, but for some reason they seem to get enabled by some unknown magic...

      How can I ensure that my pages don't get rearranged. This is so frustrating.


      Another feature I couldn't find was a way to disconnect all text frames from each other without hiding the text. Figured that would keep the automated connections from working. According to an article on the web I could go to (swedish) Text/Textkopplingar (translated) Text/Text Connections. This menu Item is not to be found. Where did it go? See version info at the top.


      Hope I could make myself clear. My version is Swedish and I'm not sure what all menu commands are called in english. Text Connection is Textkoppling for instance. That's when you click in the out handle of one frame and then click on the in handle of the next page to receive the overlayed text.


      Thanks for anyone taking their time to read this through.