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    Robohelp 2015 Problems Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

    WiscoLori Level 1


      My Quick Access Toolbar is behaving erratically when I try to customize it by adding more icons.  It won't always save the icons I've added after customizing, and sometimes half of the toolbar will disappears.  Has anyone else had trouble when trying to customize the quick access toolbar or have any idea why it is not saving my changes?  After making changes, I always do a "Save All" but that doesn't always work.  The most frustrating thing right now is that half of the toolbar has disappeared.  It's behaving as if it cannot all fit on the ribbon, which isn't the case.  Sometimes I get the "dots" to click on to show the rest of the toolbar, other times they just disappear and the rest of my newly added icons do, too.  Then I have to start all over again.