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    fileReference(List) uload doesn't work on Mac?!

      I have created the flashReferenceList, which uploads the fle thru my server PHP script.
      In windows XP (dodn't test on other windows versions, but sure it is the same) it works excellent - exactly as I expected.

      In Macintosh... It doesn't work at all!

      I am sure I haven't made any misstake, because otherwise it wouldn't work in Windows.

      So what is the problem?! It is hard to believe this is a bug in Flash...
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          We have found the same problem. I've read several blog entries that indicate this is a known problem and that Adobe is actually calling it a bug. Supposedly it will be fixed in Flash Player version 9. In the meantime, the bloggers/developers are suggesting you echo a blank string out to the browser in your upload script. In PHP, for example, you would add a line like the following:

          echo "";

          I implemented the "nothing" echo and all of our Mac people are still not getting that onComplete event to fire. I get some to work OK by adding a timeout in the onProgress event. In the onProgress event, when the bytes loaded equals the bytes total, I fire up a timer that "hand fires" the custom onComplete function. I set the onComplete event to fire that same function, as well. The code looks something like this:

          That makes it work SOMETIMES. We're still getting hit and miss uploads on Macs. It is very definitely a Mac Flash player bug, IMHO. I've been able to get uploads to work more often in Firefox on a Mac, than on Safari.