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    Need Support Installing Premiere Clip

    Kens10 Level 1

      I own an Insignia tablet with android 5.01. I am an all apps cloud member, installed creative cloud on the tablet and it only shows 8 apps total available. Premiere Clip was not one of them and is not displayed.  I called support and they said it's a membership issue and transferred me to membership before they can help me, Membership said everything is fine and detailed the account and sent me back to support.   After 30 minutes of being put on hold back and forth to find answers.  Support said that mobile apps don't work, I said why does adobe make them then?  Then I asked to speak to a supervisor whom in short said we don't provide support for mobile apps only desktop and laptop.  My response can you transfer me to the department that does, he replied Adobe currently doesn't support mobile apps not even installation. My questions:

      1. Does adobe not support mobile apps installation?

      2. Why is Premiere Clip not showing in my mobile creative cloud along with many other apps missing?

      3. Lightroom and Photoshop express  Installed fine, although Illustrator Draw, Capture and Photoshop Mix said device is not compatible.

      4. Adobe's site states android 4.4 or higher required for compatibility and mine is 5.01, what other issues can cause compatibility problems?

      5. If the device is the problem before I go out and spend money on another device with similar results is there a link to compatible android device?