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    Lightroom won't import my photos- branched comment

    Flexigav Level 1

      I too am experiencing this 'unable to import files' problem.  Mac OS 10.9, Lightroom 2015.3. I have been importing a mix of video and image files over the last two weeks without any problems. Yesterday I was just adding a number of .mov video files to the catalog, leaving them in the same folder that Adobe Bridge put them in. I was to move them with lightroom to another folder once they were added to the catalog. The first sign of trouble was that no thumbnails were generated, just looking at the grey icons. I checked them all and went ahead with the import; set to ADD. The import function started with the progress bar moving only a very small distance then stopping. 30 minutes later it was still indicating an import was in progress but the progress bar had not moved any further. No cancel button was present, so I clicked the x at the end of the progress bar. I cancelled the import. I was able to do other functions in lightroom after that, but LR would not close later. I had to force a shutdown. I rebooted the whole system and tried again many times, always with the same result. I then purged my LR caches and made more room on the cache disk as it was getting tight. I also ran the File > Optimise catalog function. I then restarted my whole system. At first attempt the problem was still there. However after restarting LR I let it sit there for 5 minutes then came back to it to try the import again. This time thumbnails started appearing over the grey file icons. When all were done I made a successful import (ADD only). The problem just might be related to caching problems, but I can't be too sure!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Check the contents of the source folder. Lots of folks are reporting problems where pictures and videos are in the same folder. In those cases, putting the pictures and videos in separate folders works around the problem.

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            Flexigav Level 1

            Thanks ManiacJoe (ACP), that was the problem. Video Raw HD video files are very resource hungry and when mixed in with images they bog the system down. Now that most DSLRs produce video as well as images, I have modified my workflow to separate the two file types before importing only the images into Lightroom. Video files go straight to a project sorting folder where Prelude or Premiere Pro deal with them. Working with multimedia requires separating the various digital media prior to importing them into various management applications.


            There is also a difference between cache size and RAM allocation, as cache is setup on physical media storage, not in RAM. I believe it is more efficient to set the cache to a different drive from the operating system drive. Would it be better on the source media drive?

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              As a general rule for disk caches (not necessarily Adobe related), you want the cache on a different drive from the source files.

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                Flexigav Level 1

                Ok, so I don't want the cache on the same drive as the source files. I don't want it on the same drive as the operating system files either—this is a SDD with limited space and if the cache is too big the application bogs down. So I am left with using another volume on the portable USB drive where my source files reside (not quite on the same drive!).


                Interestingly, I have the same problem with Adobe Bridge. With Bridge, I now I have two caches; one in the default location on the O/S drive for use when the portable drive is not available, and one on the portable drive...I had to get into the practice of setting which one to use through the preference options at startup.


                I no longer have a problem with Lightroom, because I no longer add video files to the catalogue. Now my problems are with Bridge, as Bridge deals with pre-sorting and batch renaming of downloads for both image and audiovisual media.


                One download could easily be 30GB when video is involved. This represents numerous files, however in theory I could have one file of 30GB if I left a video camera recording for a long duration. I know the size of the cache is proportional to the number of files in a target folder, but I am not sure whether it is modified by the size of each file?


                Of course Bridge problems of locking up or ignoring options selected could be the result of other processing problems yet to be determined...