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    Unable to Create Font - Error


      After recently upgrading to AE, this issue is back. When there is a comp with a missing asset, I get a pop up "Unable to create font." This problem existed in a previous version of AE and was fixed with the initial launch of 2015 and now it's back. I'm wondering if Adobe has two teams building this software and only of them has this issue fixed. It's very frustrating.


      Here's what I know: I have no missing fonts and it doesn't matter if the project has only ONE asset in it. If you move that asset and it becomes offline, you get the error. Then you can only see a black screen, no color bars for the missing asset, no preview of the existing assets. Nothing. I've tried the Verdana trick, I've reinstalled Myriad, nothing works.


      Any help is appreciated. Has anyone else had this issue?


      I'll try upgrading to El Capitan...



      2013 Mac Pro 10.10.5 Yosemite

      3.5 GHz 6-Core

      64GB Ram