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    InDesign touch keyboard with desktop PC and Wacom pen tablet


      PC: Dell XPS 8700 with Wacom Intous pen tablet, 2 monitors - main one is touch enabled, USB keyboard and USB mouse.


      While updating a recent document (made before the most recent Id update) I get an onscreen 'touch' keyboard panel when using the Type tool; I assumed this was for touch screen (I did not have workspace 'touch' enabled).


      After searching for how to disable this I discovered that by disconnecting the Wacom pen tablet, the keyboard panel does not appear. As I use the Wacom pen tablet mostly in Ai and Ps this 'fix' is OK for now. But it would be better if I could disassociated the Type tool from the Wacom pen tablet as I often use Id and Ps simultaneously and use the pen tablet is Ps.


      Hope this information helps, I remain pleased with Adobe software.