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    Importing TOC from other RoboHelp Project

      Is it possible to import a TOC from one RoboHelp project into another one? I searched the help file but couldn't find any information on it.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Anna

          You can do it by copying files behind the scenes. I'm not sure if you may copy one using RoboHelp 7 or not. I know it supports multiple TOCs, but normally you are creating new ones. If you have RoboHelp 7, you might try copying to your project and see if the copy appears as being available to select or edit. I'm a bit skeptical though.

          On a related note, what are you gaining by copying a TOC structure? Unless the underlying project folder structure and topic naming are identical to what you copied from, there will likely be broken links galore in the imported TOC.

          Cheers... Rick
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            aheil Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Thanks. I figured a way around it by importing the entire book again and not overwriting the files I already had in the project. Basically we have 4 manuals that share the same chapter. It's a long chapter with alot of sections and I didn't want to have to import that into each RoboHelp project and "clean" it up for each manual. So I did it for one manual and then just copied the files to the other manual folders and did a quick find and replace for text I needed to change (manual name). However, the TOC for that section wasn't being created because I omitted it from the book. And I was too lazy to create a TOC by hand for that section. But I think I have a workaround that will still have some clean up but saves time over creating the whole TOC. Make sense:-).