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    C# InDesign Running as Background Process

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      I'm working with C# and InDesign.

      However, I'm getting varying behaviors when C# activates the InDesign via below code:

                  Type type = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("InDesign.Application");
                  Application application = (Application)Activator.CreateInstance(type);


      In one of my old C# projects, which I integrated InDesign into, it isn't ran as a foreground process,  (i.e. Can't see the InDesign interface/window) in my project, but rather a background process.

      As a background process, InDesign scripting still works, but it would be very handy if I can see what InDesign is doing during my scripting operation and other debugging purposes.


      With my new isolated InDesign C# projects, it runs as a foreground process.

      Both project are run under WIndows 10 Pro, with InDesign CS6 (V8.0.2).
      Would anyone have a clue why these two projects could act differently?



      I "partially" figured out why it was acting this way.
      It seems to do with my IIS project settings.


      Once I switched to IIS Express, from local IIS, it all works fine.



      Now the question left is what settings on Local IIS could possibly affect InDesign....
      Unfortunately all the settings mimicing the real web server, and database is on local IIS, so swapping to IIS Express isn't the solution I want.
      But it points to the problem being related (directly or indirectly) to my IIS settings?