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    InDesign CS6 — Grep to target first tab character only

    Christopher Panny Level 1

      I'm working on a 6 page document that has 7 categories contact information that are separated by a tab character ». Each line is its own paragraph. I need to use GREP to target the first tab, after the beginning of the paragraph and convert it to a space character using Find/Change. It has to leave all other tabs on the line untouched.


      Currently, each line looks like the one below. The highlighted tab character needs to be targeted.


      Eager»Beaver»(555) 835-9398»131-2642 Dui, Av.»Somecity»KY»81737


      Once the tab is targeted, it needs to be replaced with a space character:


      Eager·Beaver»(555) 835-9398»131-2642 Dui, Av.»Somecity»KY»81737