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    How to I retrieve my lost Adobe Stock image credits?


      Hey - I purchased adobe stock on offer as an Adobe CC customer in September. I contacted Adobe to cancel the stock subscription 2 months later - I was not aware that after the 30 day trial expired I would be transferred to a 12 month contract. I was told I would have to cancel my Adobe CC membership in order to cancel the Stock, which I did. I have not renewed it. However I had 4 image credits remaining. I've just tried to use them today but they've disappeared - I don't think this is right, since I had paid for them?



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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          From the FAQ: Common Questions, Adobe Stock


          If I cancel my membership, can I still use any unused licenses in my account?

          No. You can use your available licenses as long as your membership is active, but you forfeit any unused licenses upon cancellation of your membership.


          As a gesture of goodwill, I've added 4 credits to your account.





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            coltt25252567 Level 1

            Ouch. I've just realized the same thing happened to me, but I lost 40 some credits... I actually still have a CC subscription (just downgraded my plan since I was racking up so many credits that I wasn't using). You would think there would be a warning that credits will be lost upon unsubscribing from Adobe stock... Pretty disappointed in this now.

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              Robert M

              Yea pretty painful.  It's my fault for not completely reading the FAQ before purchasing for the last year and accumulating 100 available images which I will now lose if I cancel.  I should never have bought in the first place and was thinking that I would change my subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud since I've been using CS5.5 .  Now I think I'll download 100 images I will probably never use, cancel my stock subscription and will have to give serious consideration to what if any Adobe products I want to play with going forward.  I'm not a photo / graphics professional but love to play.  This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's my fault, but a bad taste none the less.