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    Recording Stops

      Every once in a while while recording a movie, the recording process just seems to stop. I manually capture using print screen, and I'll be merrily clicking away when Captivate stops making the camera sound when I click print screen. I try hitting end to stop the session(which is the normal way I stop capturing the movie), and that does nothing either. Captivate is still open, but I can't access it. The only option I can figure is to close Captivate from Task Manager. Then when I open Captivate again, and try to record a new movie, it tells me there's already a session open. I have to reboot my computer before it will let me capture again. So it looks like Captivate's freezing up or something, any ideas as to why, how I can keep it from doing that, and if it does freeze is there a better way to handle it?
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          Having precisely the same issue as the other user described. Happens on both WinXP Home & WinXP Pro. I can't detect any pattern; seems to happen randomly. I later record the exact same sequence later after logging off & logging back on, and no problems. It's really annoying to have to completely sign off and sign back on to get Captivate to be able to record again.