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    How to move/push content to next page

    Projectus Level 1


      I'm hoping this is an easy question. I have some text and some graphics on a page. I want to insert new text. I want all the content after my insertion to just naturally get bumped down, and move to the next page if necessary. What happens instead, is when I type new text in a text frame, it does move text down, but it moves it behind a graphic frame. The graphic frames do not get bumped down. I hope I'm just missing something really simple.

      Thanks for any help.

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          smoothsea Level 3



          Graphic frames and other non-text objects placed onto a page will not move unless they are anchored to the text. Select the graphic frame, and you'll see a coloured square to the top right of the frame. If you drag from this into your text, the frame will move when the text is reflowed.





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            vladan saveljic Level 4

            if the contents of the pages of your document are not connected (they are independent of other frames) then you can simply insert a new page before that

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              Projectus Level 1

              Thank you both for the responses. I suppose I'll just need to insert a new page, because I can't seem to get Malcolm's suggestion to work. I'll need to do some reading to learn about anchors and frame options - I've always kind of ignored it and hoped for the best. Not a great plan of attack. Thanks again.

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                Alma Strutt Adobe Community Professional

                When you select the frame you would like to move with the text a small blue box appears at the top of the frame. Click and drag the blue box to where in the text you would like the image to be anchored to. The image is now an anchored object and as a result it will move up and down as you edit the text.


                Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 16.57.48.png


                You can cut and paste the frame to make it no longer an anchored object.


                For more information look up InDesign Help | Anchored objects

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                  Projectus Level 1

                  Thank you, that seemed to help - the graphic frame will bump down now if I add to the text frame above it. But it won't automatically jump to the top of the next page (just keeps going down until off the page and out of sight). I probably need to add a few frame anchors on that next page too?

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                    smoothsea Level 3



                    I'm glad that you managed to get the graphic frame to move with the text. As for disappearing when it reaches the bottom of the page - is your text frame threaded to the next page? Each text frame has an "in" port and an "out" port; with the frame selected, you'll see an open square near the top left hand side of the frame (the "in" port) and a corresponding one near the bottom on the right hand side (the "out" port. Click the out port and your cursor will change to the loaded text icon. Click in or drag a new frame on your text page and the text will flow into that frame.





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                      Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Hi Projectus,

                      there are three basic options for anchored frames that dictate the position:


                      Above line



                      There are several strategies you can use to control the anchored image:


                      Use inline position, so if the story (your main text flow) is flowing from one frame to another, going from one page to another, the anchored image will be on top of the next frame, if there is no space in the previous text frame to hold the frame.


                      But this could lead to white space on the bottom of the previous page:

                      Before adding text in the story before:



                      After adding text in the story before the image:



                      How to do Inline Position:

                      Create a new empty paragraph where you want to anchor the image in your text flow, cut the image, select the one and only insertion point in this empty paragraph and paste the image inside. It's anchor position automatically is set to Inline Position.


                      To minimize the white space you have to move the paragraph with the anchored image a few lines down.

                      You have to control and possibly adjust the images downstream every time you are adding or removing text.