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    I want to restart my project


      Any other program I can start again.  Close and don't save.


      I have eight pictures of a church.  I am all excited because I want them all to be of the same tempture of color.  So I start on one it go off to the side and they all change and it is great, Then I see another picture and wish I started with that.  I  thought you could always go back.  I go back in history as far as all his history is gone by one picture is still off to the side.  I click on the picture I want and all though other picture disappear. That picture I big and small and everything but I started with eight pictures all together and I can't get them all together any more.  Right now I have a flower in the middle and church pictures on the bottom but not all of the, How to I get back to where I started?    How do I get rid of a flower that doesn't exist. I can't delete it becasue it isn't here/