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    adding support for FFV1 and Matroska


      Hi all,


      I'm working as part of the IETF Working Group, CELLAR, which focuses on lossless audiovisual formats and is standardizing a lossless video encoding, FFV1, and an audiovisual container format, Matroska. The IETF working group charter, timeline, deliverable list and other info can be found the CELLAR working group page. Because of the level of work going into these standards and the small but steadily growing number of users, I wanted to start researching ways about increasing implementations through a mix of either volunteering and/or sponsorship.


      From an initial look at the Adobe Import SDK, it seems that FFmpeg could bind with the Adobe SDK to allow import of both formats. I'm looking for advice or resources about developing Adobe plugins for the import/export of these video formats. I would also love to discuss this in more detail with anyone who may have familiarity with both the FFmpeg API and the Adobe SDK in order to get a sense of the level of effort involved.

      Thanks much,
      Dave Rice

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