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    The way ahead...


      I've recently become excited about learning Flex and have several O'reillys books on order regarding this subject. But not wanting to wait, I've been watching tutorials and etc. trying to get an application off of the ground.

      Using a new PHP project and FlexBuilder database connection I got flex talking to one db table just fine (datagrid) but I need to use the foreign keys of other tables in my forms too and can't seem to find a good tutorial that does this. (rdbms and flexbuilder forms.) I'm hoping the books will cover it but if I can get a grasp of it sooner, all the better.

      My question is, what do I need to on my server in order to use a flex application powered by related data tables?
      I've seen a lot of talk about WebORB, and I'm still not sure if this piece of technology is needed on my server? I'm using a RedHat Fedora 9 server with PHP5 and MySQL.

      I hope this post finds you well and wish you all the best,