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    Need help to move from Flash ? Will Edge animate be trust worthy ?


      Hello Experts,

      I am new to animation and flash world.Recently, I am rebuilding a project to HTML5 with JAVASCRIPT from FLASH which was written in around 2004 in ActionScript 1.0.

      www.maisondequartier.com - learn french online

      The site basically a interactive learning through simple animations.

      Since Abode Flash professional CC uses ActionScript 2.0 or higher to convert the swf files to HTML5 so I cannot convert the project using Adobe Flash Professional CC. So, I look for alternatives and decide to do from Scratch of everything. Through research on different ways to start my project, I decided to use Edge Animate CC for interactivity.

      After, I spent a month learning different ins and out of this program.Now I hear that they discontinue to develop any further this software. Its unpleasant to know as you spent time learning the software.


      I would like to know yours valuable suggestion for me about how to go further on ? (with software issues). It would be great if you could recommend me any other alternatives solution (softwares) to solve my problem. I think it doesn't make sense to move further with Edge animate CC and they are also changing the Flash Professional CC to Adobe Animate CC beginning of early 2016.


      In need of solutions to choose.

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          rosebudd Level 3

          If you started a project in Edge finish it in Edge. It's not going to suddenly stop working.


          Adobe Animate is just Flash CC with Canvas Export, SWF  AND video export. The name changed update won't be that different. It's not a Frankenstein combination of Edge and Flash.


          If you have experience with Flash you can start learning how canvas export is similar to what you already know. There are useful Canvas JS code snippets for interactivity.


          Edited to add if you have an AS1 FLA, you should try converting it. You may only need to change stop() to this.stop(), and use code snippets to  add your interactivity back in.


          Flash Professional Help | New features summary

          The universal document type converter enables conversion of your existing FLA projects (of any type) to any other document type such as HTML5 Canvas or WebGL.

          To use this feature, click Commands > Convert to Other Document Formats and then select the target document type and specify the path of the converted file.