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    Premiere Elements or broken

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      My copy of Premiere Elements ... feels broken I wanted to open some of the tutorial information but on my computer it will either come up so slowly I forgot I was still here or will not respond at all could adobe put in a fix??  I would like to be able to use it I did buy it and I regret every purchase I ever made from adobe for example I tried After Effects but now that no longer works always something about new version old version files are not compatible ... and I am 64 about to turn 65 something that works with the files I have??


      Premiere-Elements-Getting-Started          9/2/2015 opens slowly or will not open at all I am not sure which??

      opens to white screen or is it opening at all [much later it does open ... but, god only knows ... nothing helpful here].


      will adobe do something to make the visual quality of what they are doing more obvious to me I would even like to try being patient most of my effort here is for nothing ... no rewards at adobe ... and for this reason no cloud ...


      random comment added: in 2015 I tried adobe cloud but that did not help at all!!


      do you have any useful suggestions and is there a place where I could start??


      you could reply to my question adobe just closes me out with do-not-reply e-mails


      comment to me at: