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    abnormal numbering


      I have an abnormal numbering problem, i set up a multi-level list numbering in a document, it works in some chapters, but fails in another chapter, and in all these chapters and bullets and numbering settings i have the same configuration. Just as below the screenshots show:

      The issue exists on Heading 3, it works  in chapters 1, 2,3, but fails in chapter 4.

      Here it should be 4.0.1 as chapters 1,2,3 numbered:

      P.S: 4.2.1 inherits the same Heading 3 paragraph style without violation.

      Can somebody comment on the wrong numbering?  Many thanks!

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          binghuaz9658739 Level 1


          Hi Adobe developers,


          I think this is a bug.






          From software perspective, numbering of Heading 3 is based on ^1.^2. (Heading 1 and Heading 2). When numbering of Heading 2 ascends in previous chapters, and users start a new chapter with the same Headings, Heading 3 still retrieves the ascended Heading 2 numbering, regardless of  a new chapter and Heading 2 and Heading 3 should start from scratch.




          If you want to re-present the bug, you can follow my configuration posted Above and edit a document in your testing environment, then you will find the illogic.


          PS: My InDesign version no: Chinese version  2015.2