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    Activating draw over setting in Android Marshmallow


      I am using acrobat reader in my nexus 5x (Marshmallow) whenever I try to open a PDF link on any website it asks me for the screen overlay permission. But this app is not listed in screen draw over settings therefore I can't activate the settings. Besides in my app permission menu storage permission is not active for the acrobat reader and when I tried to activate it ask me to first deactivate the screen draw over setting which is not possible .Because of all this fuss I am unable to download any PDF file from any site.


      1. After clicking on link.png


      2. After clicking just once.png


      3. After clicking allow.png


      4. Acrobat reader is not listed here.png


      5. App permissions menu.png


      6. Clicked to activate storage permission.png


      7. Final message on the website.png