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    Premiere Elements 10 hang up when starting.


      Drivers: updated.

      Quicktime: up to date.

      Windows Update: Updated, important and recommended


      I7 processor, plenty of hard drive space, 16GB ram, laptop with dedicated graphics card.


      I have had Elements functioning on this very computer in the past. I have gone through and tried many solutions trying to get past the hang up at the end of the loading phase for Elements, inculding:


      making sure my user folders (documents, pictures) are not mapped and are at the default location.


      using the administrator account (command prompt, administrator /active:yes, logging in, compatibility mode, the whole works)


      I have installed from both the discs, and from the download. same issue.


      I have tried rebooting, uninstalling, removing, and using different directories. everything short of reformatting, because I have already gone through that and had it running on this windows install. I am not reformatting. If it comes to that, I am done with Adobe products, and I will jump to another developer.


      yes I am a forum noob. I apologize. has anyone run into anything from Adobe on this issue? because despite my searchings, I have only found user solutions, none of which had alleviated the problem.