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    Missing annotations [iOS]


      I did a lot of work annotating a document on a flight On Adobe Mobile for iPad. When I logged on to wifi I saw I had three versions of the document In the outbox, which were then shown as having been sent. I cannot find the annotations on the version on the Document Cloud, nor on the Local or Dropbox folders. I also cannot find the outbox. Have I lost all those hours of work? Thanks for any suggestion!


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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


          Would you please provide additional information?


          1. Which type of annotations did you add to your PDF document?  Have you added "freehand drawing" annotations to your documents before the problem occurred?
          2. Do you access the same PDF documents from Acrobat Reader on other mobile devices or computers?
          3. Is Mobile Link enabled?
          4. Have you seen any error messages?
          5. Have you seen Acrobat Reader crashed/disappeared all of a sudden?  (When Acrobat crashes, you will be taken back to the iOS home screen.)


          Would you please share the newest versions of your PDF documents (that exhibit the problem) with us?  I have sent you a separate forum message with the instructions on how to share your documents.


          Your input would help us reproduce the problem at our end and properly diagnose the cause of the problem.

          Thank you for your help.

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            MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



            We received your PDF document via email.  Thank you!


            You mentioned in other email,

            ... when I attempted to download the annotated document from the sent mail in Acrobat.com, it came completely clean without any annotations at all. This was also the problem when I emailed myself a link to the document.


            I suspect that annotations are not properly displayed because your PDF document is opened in Apple Safari (not Acrobat Reader) on your iPad.


            Would you please try the following steps to open your PDF document in Acrobat Reader for iOS?


            1.  Tap the link ("https://files.acrobat.com/...") in the email message on your iPad.

            => Your shared document is shown in the Adobe Document Cloud preview page.  The document shows annotations.



            2. Tap the blue Download button in the right pane in Safari.

            => Your PDF document is opened in Apple Safari instead.  The document does not show annotations.  This is because Apple Safari does not render annotations/comments or form fields.  It's a limitation in Safari.


            3. Tap anywhere in the document to show the secondary toolbar in Safari.



            4. Tap the "Open in..." text button in the secondary toolbar.


            5. Tap the Acrobat Reader icon with the label "Copy to Adobe Acrobat" (in iOS 9) or "Open in Adobe Acrobat" (in iOS 8).

            => The document shows annotations in Acrobat Reader for iOS.


            I noticed that your PDF document contains annotations up to page 24. 


            Did you add annotations after page 25?  Are they missing after uploading to the Document Cloud?

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              Jinglekitties Level 1

              Unfortunately that is not the problem. I have been opening the document in Adobe Acrobat, not in Safari, and when I do download a PDF document in Safari I always use the steps you have set out. Every time I have tried to download the document into Adobe Acrobat – the actual program – it has come up without any annotations.


              What I do not understand is why the document only shows up in my sent mail in Adobe, and not in the cloud. That is the threshold issue, predating any attempt to rescue it through Safari – syncing must work for me as I use six devices, as I work a great deal travel a great deal of work.


              You are correct that I did not do any annotations beyond page 25. I have been able to open it now in Windows 10 but I am not happy about the limitations of Adobe Acrobat DC in windows 10 – e.g. not being able to change the colour of the highlighting or underlining to colour code issues in the judgment. So I need to be able to run this in iPad with iOS 9.2, confident that my annotations will be uploaded to dropbox and to your Cloud.




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                MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee


                I examined the two PDF documents that you've sent to us in Acrobat Pro/Reader DC (desktop app) and Acrobat Reader for iOS (mobile app).

                Document #1: Janowiec v Russia GC EHRR.pdf

                The PDF document was attached to the email that you sent to us.

                (a) Viewed in Acrobat Pro/Reader DC (desktop app)

                The annotations are fully visible.

                GC EHRR.png

                However, the PDF document appears to be damaged/corrupted.

                Acrobat Pro/Reader DC shows the Save dialog, when you open and try to close the PDF document even without making any changes.  It means that Acrobat Pro/Reader DC has tried to repair some damage to the PDF document.


                Then, Acrobat Pro/Reader DC shows the error dialog and fails to save changes, when you click the Save button in the Save dialog above.


                Acrobat Pro/Reader DC was not able to repair the damage in the end.


                (b) Viewed in Acrobat Reader for iOS (mobile app) on an iPad


                As you mentioned in a separate email, "It has annotations only on the first two pages and then it is completely clean,..".


                However, the annotations still exist in the PDF document.  They are simply invisible.  Adobe Reader for iOS is unable to render/display the annotations due to errors in the PDF document. (Please note that the desktop Reader typically does a better job of rendering annotations despite some errors in a PDF document.)


                Similarly, Dropbox's preview feature (which does not use Acrobat Reader) does not render the annotations beyond the third page, either.


                Document #2: Janowiec v Russia GC EHRR from Cloud.pdf (the "Send & Track" version)


                The PDF document was downloaded from the Document Cloud via the link ("https://files.acrobat.com/...").


                (a) Viewed in Acrobat Pro/Reader DC (desktop app)


                The annotations are fully visible.


                Please note the document title: Janowiec v Russia GC EHRR from Cloud.pdf.  This document shows additional highlight annotations on page 28.
                GC EHRR from Cloud.png


                (b) Viewed in Acrobat Reader for iOS (mobile app) on an iPad


                The annotations are fully visible.



                Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine what had caused the problem with "Janowiec v Russia GC EHRR.pdf" (Document #1) at this point.

                Do you use various PDF viewers (e.g. the desktop Reader on Windows/Mac computers, the mobile Reader on iOS/Android devices, and/or other non-Adobe PDF viewers, such as Microsoft Reader for Windows 10, Apple Preview for Mac) to add annotations to the same document stored in the cloud?

                Acrobat Reader for iOS version 15.2 has the known defect that caused the failure to save annotations correctly.  (Other users have reported lost/missing annotations.)

                Interestingly, using the "Send & Track" feature (File > Send File > Send & Track) in Acrobat Pro/Reader DC (desktop app), the damages to the uploaded PDF document in the Document Cloud seem to have been repaired.


                Here's what I would recommend as a "workaround".


                • Delete "Janowiec v Russia GC EHRR.pdf" (damaged) or at least avoid adding new annotations to it.
                • Download "Janowiec v Russia GC EHRR from Cloud.pdf" to your desktop computer or iPad and make a backup copy.
                • Add annotations to the copy.
                • Close a document frequently to ensure that changes are fully saved.


                We will continue investigating the cause of the damaged/corrupted PDF problem and try to find a solution.


                My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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                  MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



                  We just released Acrobat Reader for iOS version 15.3.0 on January 5, 2016.


                  This release includes the fix for the defect that you have encountered.


                  Would you please give it a try and let us know if it works for you?


                  Thank you!