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    Script for resizing application window on launch

    JohnXYZ99_UK Level 1

      Hi, I've just posted a message on the main forum relating to a problem I have with InDesign, but not with other CC programs. On launch the application window resizes itself to the width of my monitor. It is very frustrating. Note that it is not in a maximized state when shut down. When launched it enlarges to almost the height and width of the screen, leaving a gap of about 10 screen pixels all round, including the same gap to the taskbar.


      So, does anyone know if it is possible to control the size and position of the application window using a script, i.e. in JS? If so, presumably it would be possible to put this in the start up folder to run on launch? My monitor is a Dell U2913 WM, which has an extra wide display 2560 x 1080 px. Therefore I'd want the application to resize to around 1770 x 1060 px. The top left corner will be at 395,10 and the bottom left at 395,1070. I would guess that this is relatively easy to do!

      Thanks in advance,