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    Simple cut and past text in JS please

    JohnXYZ99_UK Level 1

      Hi everyone. One major problem I have always had with Indesign is that I cannot seem to assign Shift Delete as a keyboard shortcut for cutting text. (This is the shortcut I grew up with, and have never been able to get used to using Ctrl X, which I prefer to use for other things). I believe there is a fundamental bug which means this shortcut won't work. (In the keyboard shortcuts dialog, 'cut' is listed under the Edit menu. It works on text boxes and objects when assigned to 'default' but not to selected text when the 'text' option is used.)


      Therefore, I thought I would try assigning the short cut to a simple piece of JS code. Can someone give me the syntax please. I can follow programming languages but am new to JS and despite playing around for a couple of hours I can't seem to figure out the code for cutting selected text to the clipboard.


      Many thanks,