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    After CF 10 Hotfix 18, Postgres datasources would not connect


      After installing CF 10 Hotfix 18, our PostgreSQL (9.2.14) datasources would not verify.   All gave error "timed out waiting for connection".  The log of hotfix install said it installed driver postgresql-9.3-1101.jdbc41.jar in the CF lib folder and modified script postgresql.cfm in the CFIDE/administrator/datasources folder.


      As a workaround, I saved the previous postgresql.cfm script, and saved the driver we were using successfully before the hotfix (postgresql-9.4-1202.jdbc4.jar).  After applying the hotfix, I replaced the postgresql.cfm script with the previous version.  I also got rid of the new postgresql-9.3-1101.jdbc41.jar driver and kept our previous driver postgresql-9.4-1202.jdbc4.jar in the lib folder.   Then I restarted Coldfusion, and after this all of our postgresql datasources did verify.  I have tested multiple CF scripts that use our postgres databases and all seems to be working fine.


      The last time we installed a hotfix (hotfix 17 in August 2015), it also broke our postgres datasources -- I could not get them to verify after the hotfix, until I downloaded a newer postgres driver (postgresql-9.4-1202.jdbc4.jar) to the server from the postgres site.  Today when I installed hotfix 18 and it broke all our postgres datasources, I tried downloading a newer postgres driver, but it did not help this time (hence the workaround).


      My question is, will my workaround have other consequences that I am not seeing at this time?  Might there be a problem down the line when the next hotfix comes out?