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    Photo Merge Panorama in Lightroom 6.3 puts the generated photo outside the normal file-structure (in the lightroom database)

    paul van oss

      Lightroom puts the generated photo outside the normal file-structure. In the Finder everything is normal. It is not possible to get it properly organized in Lightroom.

      The files generated are over 100 Mb. This has also been in version 6.1.1 but this never was a problem.

      I have the idea that the generation process is much slower right now.


      Dropbox - Screenshot 2015-12-11 15.41.03.png - file structure in Lightroom

      Dropbox - Screenshot 2015-12-11 15.42.45.png - file structure in the finder


      On top of everything, I am not able to go back to version 6.1.1. I can reinstall the 6.0 version, but the update to 6.1.1 (the setup.dmg) brings me immediately back to the 6.3 version.

      I'm working on MAC's OS 10.11.1