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    Why do my modifier keys stop working in InDesign?


      I just got a new computer at work, and so I got a clean install of CC. Had a few wonky things happen when I first opened the programs, the most frustrating of which is that my modifier keys (Shift, Command, etc) do not always work in InDesign. I am forced to restart my computer, interrupting my workflow several times a day in order to do something as simple as Option+Drag to duplicate an object. I can work for an hour or two and then they stop working again.


      I have tried a clean reinstall, which did not work. I have not loaded any plugins or add ons or anything that would mess with my keybindings. And I have not added any shortcuts that would override the native keybindings. And it only happens in InDesign... Illustrator works fine.


      What the heck is going on here? It's gotten to the point where I can barely work! Does anyone have a suggestion about what to do?