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    Problem Navigating (i.e., Paging with Page Up/Page Down, or Arrows to new Page)


      Because my problem is so basic and I cannot find any discussion on this, that I have to believe this is not a pervasive problem or that there is something particular to my system.  However, the problem is so annoying that in desperation I am posting to see if someone has any suggestions or insight.


      First, I am running Adobe Acrobat Pro XI version 11.0.13.  I have a stand-alone installation.  I have all the latest updates.  I have tried the Help->Repair Acrobat Installation feature.


      Now, my problem is that I have a very hard time navigating a document.  Specifically, when I try to go to a new page, either with the page down key or the arrow down, I do not go to the next page. Rather Acrobat shoots me to the first page.  Once on the first page I cannot page to the second page. 


      I have closed every application other than Acrobat and this still happens.  Here are some clues:  (1)  If I close the document and open it again I can page for a while before it happens again; and (2)  If I select some text on the page with the Selection Tool for Text and Images (V) I am then able to page!  Having the comments/tools/Fill&Sign panel open or closed does not seem to matter.  Similarly, having the Bookmarks page open does not seem to have an effect.  I have sanitized a document, and the problem still occurs (does not appear related to comments or other markups).


      This is beyond frustrating.  Any help would be immensely appreciated.