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    Tethering in Lightroom 2015.3 produces huge delays in image transfer


      I was shooting a client gig last night and because I needed to make prints at the event, elected to use Lightroom tethering to my MacBook Pro to get the images into Lightroom as they were shot.  On numerous occasions during the evening, the camera appeared to lock up and the data transfer lamp remained lit for minutes at a time.  I would see delays of several minutes before captured images would get to Lightroom, and then after waiting a while, things would go back to normal.  Then in a short period of time, everything would bog down again.  By stopping tethering, the issue vanished completely and I was able to shoot as the event required.  On a break, I tried tethering again and the same issue replicated itself very rapidly.  In my pre-shoot tests, tethering appeared to work, but I did not test at the volume that the event required (3 images every minute and a half).


      In the past, tethering would lose connection randomly but the connection stayed up all the time, however the huge delays in transfer made the tether function more a hassle than a boon.  Have others experienced this with Lightroom 2015.3?  The environment was very simple.  Canon 1Dx with a Tether tools cable to the MacBook Pro running El Capitan and Lightroom 2015.3


      Any advice will be appreciated.  Earlier in the week, I had done a similar shoot using Canon's native tethering tool and never experienced these issues, and was shooting at a much higher rate, using the same physical equipment.