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    How do I know when I need to save a document?


      Greetings …  I believe I am using the latest version of inDesign.  Build  I am using it on an iMac (version 5k Retina) which is running OS X 10.11.2

      I have just one simple question.  When I used inDesign in the past, I always knew when I had made a change in a document and should save it sometime soon because there was an icon at the very top of the document that appeared to be faded after I made the slightest change in the document, and then after it was saved it had a normal appearance...sharp unfaded color to it. 

      That icon at the top of the page is gone now with the new version of inDesign.  Is there a way to get it back....and obscure setting I can toggle, perhaps?   Ir is there another way to know that a document should be saved sometime soon?

      Thank you...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're used to turning off the Application Frame (Window > Application Frame) on your Mac.


          If it's turned off and the Application Frame is not showing, your document window will float free. At the top of it, you'll have two indications that the file needs to be saved: The name of the file will begin with an asterisk, and InDesign logo will be grayed.


          If you have Application Frame turned ON the indication is more subtle: There will be an asterisk in front of the file name when it needs to be saved in the tab that shows the file name.


          There are a couple advantages of turning ON the Application Frame on a Mac. Your document(s) will neatly snap to the panels around it/them. And you'll hide more of the Desktop which could show behind your document window. Also, when you reopen a window, it opens exactly as you saved and closed the document window.


          On the Mac, you get the choice of turning it on or off. In Windows, you don't; there's is always an application frame.

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            patrick923@mac.com Level 1

            Ha!  Well, I'll be darned.   You are absolutely correct.  I never would have found that.  Thanks!